God Wants You to Prosper Tele-Coaching
Success and Prosperity Coaching for Enlarging Your Life

This will be a complete twelve-month program covering:
(Only 25 applicants accepted)

- Three live hour long Tele-coaching presentations each month
- One live hour long Tele-conference Q and A's each month
- Two weekend conferences with Duke and Cathi Clarke and one personal one-on-one weekend in Paso Robles, CA
- Access to Duke's personal email for questions and coaching 
- Total access to THREE New Programs:

  1. “GodWantsYouToProsperFamily.com” which includes access to this member site and a monthly Newsletter and Tele-seminar
  2. “Finding God” which includes the monthly “Finding God Newsletter” 
  3. “Embrace or Erase.com” which includes access to the member site and 2 Tele-seminars each month about removing blocks and resistance.


Payment Options: Print this form out and mail it in

New Students
-  Regular registration: 1 payment option of $4500 before October 1, 2009 

- 12 payments of $399 for 12 months starting October 1, 2009 

PRINT this form out and mail to:
Good News Publications*PO Box 5053*Paso Robles, CA 93447

Final deadline is October 1, 2009

I choose  ____ The Regular 1 payment plan of $4500 by October 1, 2009 so I can save $288
                  ____ The 12 easy payments plan of $399 charged on the 1st of each month to my credit card

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(All payments can be used for tax purposes as business training expense check with your accountant)