It’s no news to us that Hope-Mongers have been in the business world since time began. I’ve even seen commercials from the early days of television where medical doctors recommended smoking as being good for your health because it relaxed and calmed you. When the tobacco industry was told that their product caused cancer and that they had to print the warning on the box, they didn’t take action to stop producing an addictive, deadly product. What they did do, was simply increase their marketing to 3rd World countries where no warning was required—brilliant marketing or abuse, you be the judge.

I really don’t need many examples of Hope-Mongers in this arena; we’ve seen them and known them for years. But why do we put up with the abuse and lies we are told? For one thing, we have become so numb to their ads that we don’t even stop to ask ourselves, “Why in the world would I go ask my doctor about The Purple Pill, when I haven’t even been told what the Purple Pill does?”

One of the funniest is the ad that screams, “Eat all you want and still lose weight! Eat all you want and still lose weight! AND we couldn’t say it on TV if it wasn’t true!” Just send off for the magic pill and you can eat all you want and still lose weight. Well, I could legally do the same thing by simply taking your order =and then sending you a package that says, “Eat all you want. Then go into the bathroom, swallow this pill and in 30 seconds you will throw up. Do this every time you eat and you are guaranteed to lose weight
and I couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true.” Well, I’m going to stop now—enough said.


Finally the ultimate in Hope-Monger mentality is the Lottery. In the United States and in other countries as well this has become the ultimate in Hope. The Hope of instant riches for the mere price of a ticket is just too much for people to resist. Most people believe that money will solve all their problems and so marketers sell people what they want to hear. With the lottery, it’s the thought of all their “problems” vanishing at once by hitting it big.

It is true that we need money to pay bills and it will solve many problems as well as help expand our lives but The Truth is that you have to know how to steward the money and be responsible for it. Are you ready? Can you handle it?

The real truth is that most lottery winners are broke and in debt within 5 years after winning the lottery. There are endless stories of broken marriages, destroyed families and in one case even criminal activity of relatives hiring a hit man to kill the lottery winning relative so they could inherit his money. Apparently money doesn’t solve all the problems; it often just brings more. If you want the real story just google “lottery winners bankrupt” and read some of the articles.

Is the Internet Better than the Lottery?

In my opinion Internet Hope-Mongers try to capitalize on this Lottery Mindset of “You Can Win It All” and live in luxury for the rest of your life. Too often Hope-Seekers are like those who play the Lottery or gamble. They think the next high priced seminar they attend, or the next system-in-a-box they buy is going to make them a millionaire and they’ll be set for life. Only to find out that all they really bought were more empty dreams with dead end roads or the promise of yet another path BUT for a lot more money.

It’s hard to blame the Hope-Mongers when the Hope-Seekers are the ones lining up to buy the instant riches kits. People want magic systems to take away all their problems. People want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in weeks, days or hours with little or no work. It’s like the Lottery Mindset, “If you don’t play you can’t win.” So Hope-Seekers keep playing the game, hoping eventually someone will fulfill their dreams by giving them what they want. But why should the Hope-Mongers produce anything that gives real results? The Hope-Seekers will keep buying—that’s what they do.

The Hope-Mongers have to say some things that are true or no one would buy. Some of what they say has to work, just like the bread of the new baker in our story, it was real bread and very good. But at some point it’s only The Truth that will give Hope-Seekers the answers they need.

So two things must happen:
1. We must be willing to listen to and accept The Truth, even if it’s not what we want to hear
2. We need Hope-Givers who are going to tell The Truth and back it up

In order to do this, we have to take responsibility for ourselves, be willing to ask honest questions and begin the thinking process. For an example, let’s look at how a Hope-Monger is hoping no one will take the time to think about his product or even ask any questions--(see Article Part 7).