Hope is the Right of Every Human Being

Hope is not only the right of every human being, it is part of our nature designed by God. Without the hope of a new day, a new chance, a brighter future, life itself would be too overwhelming. God’s message to mankind has always been one of hope. Even from the days of Genesis there was hope: the hope of man’s redemption; the hope of a better life; the hope of the Messiah for the Children of Israel; the hope of God’s blessing today.

Hope is wired within us and that’s a good thing, but knowing this, there are those that would take advantage of that hopeful nature and use it against us—these are the Hope-Mongers.

But I am not here to blame the Hope-Mongers, because that would just be complaining, whining, finger pointing and a total waste of time. I will simply point out their tactics and methods, and then you be the judge. What I am here to say is that WE, the Hope-Seekers and Hope-Givers need to WAKE UP.

Why are WE so stupid and susceptible to the means, methods and the call of the Hope-Mongers?

Why? Because deep down inside it’s what we really want to hear. In Seth Godin’s brilliant, but often upsetting book “All Marketers are Liars”, he tells us the problem on page 2 under the heading “You’re a Liar”. Here is the quote that says it all:

“Marketers are a special kind of liar. Marketers lie to consumers because consumers demand it. Marketers tell the stories, and consumers believe them. Some marketers do it well. Others are pretty bad at it. Sometimes the stories help people get more done, enjoy life more and even live longer. Other times, when the story isn’t authentic, it can have significant side effects and consumers pay the price. The reason all successful marketers tell stories is that consumers insist on it. Consumers are used to telling stories to themselves and telling stories to each other, and it’s just natural to buy stuff from someone who’s telling us a story. People can’t handle the truth.”

I could go grab any of a million headlines off the Internet for an example of these lies, but my purpose in this Declaration is not to single out individuals by name, but as I said, it’s to get us all to WAKE UP.

Here is an example of a headline that I just made up, but it is the type we might read and buy into:
“Who else wants to make a 6-figure income from your spare bedroom with a method so easy you would have to be brain dead in order for it to fail? You don’t even have to know anything about the computer. You can even do it without a computer! It works every time guaranteed and you can have it today for only $39.95!!!”

Hope-Seekers read this lie and say, “Yes, Yes, that’s me!” But why would any sane person consider this even for a second? Why? Because it’s what they WANT to hear.
1. They want a 6-figure income
2. They want to work from home in their pajamas and never again have a boss
3. They don’t want to do anything that requires work
4. They don’t want to think or have to use their brain
5. They have a huge fear of failure, so guaranteed success is appealing
6. They don’t know much about a computer, but the Internet is where the money is, or so they think, so that’s where they want to go
7. They may not even have a computer at home, so making money without one sounds great
8. They want the program to make money right now and work every time
9. And yes they can afford $39.95 for something that is going to make them insanely rich

This is the story most Hope-Seekers tell themselves over and over again, so when they read the headline, they think a Psychic must have written it because, “THAT’S ME!!!”

Stop and think for a minute, have we all been so brainwashed by this nonsense that we are starting to agree with the lyrics of the old Rock band Dire Straits who sang,
“Now look at them yo-yos that’s the way you do it
You play the guitar on the MTV
That aint workin that’s the way you do it
Money for nothin and chicks for free”

Do we really think money is free, that a 6-figure income is my birthright while I sit at home in my pajamas and do nothing? Logically people would admit that’s ridiculous, but logic is not what they WANT, what they want is to “hope” it’s possible. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but you are not going to get there doing little or nothing unless you want to do it immorally or illegally.

Next, do you really want to be “brain dead” in your work? Do you really think anything is going to work every single time? And if it did, wouldn’t we all be millionaires by now or at least everyone who bought the $39.95 product? Which leads me to the last question, do you really think if this person has something that will bring you a 6-figure income instantly that he is going to sell it to you for $39.95? I’m not saying you shouldn’t have big dreams or hope, in fact I’m in favor of it. I’m saying that we need to wake up and stop lying to ourselves about how to accomplish that goal in life.