Law of Plenty

The Law of Plenty says that God created an Unlimited Universe and that should be our starting point. Prosperity is everywhere and there is enough for all if we just keep looking for the resources. Therefore I can give away information to help others and still be paid for even greater services I provide, then we all benefit. Scarcity is a marketer’s tool used on the Internet and other places to manipulate buyers. Sometimes it is true, but most often it’s not. “I’ll only take 10 more people” the marketer says knowing full well he is going to “open up more seats because people are twisting my arm”. The sad fact is that WE have been trained to buy only when things seem scarce, otherwise we wait. Now we are back to the mindless herd mentality, so the shame is on us, not on the marketer. But Hope-Mongers take scarcity to a new level of abuse. They talk scarcity and then jack the price up.

The mindless buyer is trained to think that the more expensive something is the more valuable it MUST be, so they keep paying higher and higher prices. Here is a great example of how the Law of Plenty works. I don’t know if you are familiar with EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a simple drug free way to release stress, trauma and anxiety which, if not released, may translate into many other problems.

Well, the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, learned this process from a man who was charging $100,000 per student. So what did Gary Craig do with his knowledge? He simplified the process and then GAVE it away. That’s right, he paid $100,000 to learn something only a few elite people knew, then developed his own simplified method and gave it away.

The result was he spawned an entirely new industry that is now sweeping the world and dramatically changing lives for the better. Gary practiced the Law of Plenty not the Law of Scarcity and it has benefited him and millions of other many times over. When looking at the Law of Plenty you only have to ask, “Would God create a Universe and tell mankind to be fruitful and multiply knowing that mankind would eventually consume all the earth’s resources?” Of course not!

When ever we reach of point of exhaustion someone, somewhere brilliantly discovers another untapped resource in the universe and we move on. Not all the discoveries are good, but the point is the resources never seem to be exhausted as long as someone is willing to look. Hope-Givers who understand this law are willing to give away some of their best ideas which can help the Hope-Seekers. But let me remind the Hope-Seekers that life isn’t a free ride which brings us to the next law.